18 year-old guy, living in sweden. music, movies, art, literature, pop culture, pop art, bluuuuh.
I might be obsessing a bit. madonna, gaga, michael.

and i have an unhealthy obsession with michael fassbender.

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Madonna’s manager guy oseary was walking around and socialising with the front row crowd before the show. he came up to me and told me I had his favorite number (I was no 8 in line), and took a picture of me and this girl that’d I’d spent most of the day in line with, and then posted it to madonnas facebook page. ugh. AND during like a virgin, as Madonna dropped to the ground in front of me, she stared into my eyes. such a powerful moment. I have never danced as much as I did last night. best night of my life, hands down. #Madonna #mdna #mdnatour #concert #ullevi #live #love #fuckswedishconcertaudiences (Taken with Instagram)

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